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1. Launching a game

Once you have activated a program, you can launch a game by tapping Start at the top of the Train tab.

2. Unlocking games

If you scroll to the bottom of the Train tab, you will find the Games block.

At first, all games will be locked but the 1st one.

Then a new game will be unlocked every day you show up and play at least one game.

In a nutshell, if you train for 10 days in a row, you will have unlocked all available games.

3. Games selection

By default, all games that you have unlocked will be served one after the other at random whenever you tap Start.

However, at some point, you may want to see more of some games and less of others. In that case, scroll down and head to the Games block to select only the games that you want to keep on playing.

From now on, only the games you selected will be proposed when you tap Start.

4. Training programs structure

As you can see in our program pages (ex: Stress Incontinence), each training program is associated with a specific set of contractions patterns. 

Then each program is divided into 10 levels of difficulty that differ by the difficulty and distribution of these patterns.

5. Level adjustment

Every time you play a game, you receive an agility score, which materializes how closely you were able to follow the target contraction profile.

The higher your agility, the more your program score increases. Whenever this program score reaches a certain threshold, you pass to the next level.

However, if, at some point, the level seems too high or low, you can manually decrease it from your training program card.

6. Games structure

Now, whenever you tap the Start button, a game will be selected at random, and an end-to-end contraction profile will be generated based on your activated program and level.

On average, a game will take 2'45,'' but since the contraction patterns do not have the same length, this duration will vary between 2' and 3'30''. 

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